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Corporate Clients Include


What can I do for you?

Almost anything. Sometimes I’m engaged for elegant sleight of hand demonstrations at a private party. Most often it’s a full evening of comedy and mind reading from the stage. Companies use me to spice up meetings, generate buzz at a trade show booth, or to strengthen their message to clients. I’ve performed in the sleaziest of biker bars, and the finest castles in Europe. I’ve appeared on TV and in films both in the US and abroad. Add to that a modicum of commercial voice-over work, and serving as creative consultant on dozens of interesting projects. I also give interactive lectures on various subjects, including improving memory, the nature of deception, and my idiosyncratic ideas about living life to its fullest.

Paul Allen

Prince Bandar

Jeff Bezos

Kevin Costner

Michael Douglas

Michael Eisner

Alan Greenberg

Hugh Hefner

Don Henley

Don Johnson

George Lucas

Jack Nicholson

Kurt Russell

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Private Clients Include

[Companies and individuals listed with permission. I maintain the highest standards with regard to privacy and discretion.]

[Detailed information about a variety of programs I offer can be downloaded from the media page here.]

So what will I do for you?

I don’t know yet. My real talent lies in bringing years of experience to bear, and creating customized entertainment that is tailored for your specific needs. Seriously. I can’t say what will be perfect for your event until we’ve had a chance to talk it over.

Courtesy Society for Neuroscience. All rights reserved. Photography by Joe Shymanski and Jeff Nyveen